Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Crosses of Lafayette

Good morning Louise.
So here is the problem. KPFA will not cover our rally for the construction and placement of 6,000 Crosses on the Hill Side across from Bart in Lafayette, this afternoon! We will be building and placing the first few crosses. Three thousand of the crosses would represent those soldiers who have died, and three thousand would represent those of us still alive in exchange for the deaths of those in the WTC.
But with the help of our many friends, KPFA just might start to mention our ongoing rally, at least on the news tomorrow.
As we both found out the hard way yesterday afternoon, KPFA would not accept my pledge of $400.000.00 worth of Light Horse Venture Capital Stock in Lafayette.
The CEO of Light Horse is Steve Lopez of Lafayette. All I wanted in exchange for signing over $400,000.00 worth of very hard earned cash was for you, Amy Goodman, and Dian Feinstein to have a little chat about what really happened on 911. And of course the team from Guns and Butter would be there to correct any misstatements that Dian Feinstein might make about the subject.
And of course you would be there to make sure Dian does not have to quickly leave to the bathroom or what ever.
The chat would be about how terrible the war is, and how questionable it is that the WTC buildings where even brought down by a few empty and mostly gutted airplanes. And then partway into the interview I was hoping that Amy would bring on Dian Feinstein and ask her about the over whelming evidence presented in the free on-line movie, Loose Change dot com. Enough said on that subject.
But for now we just need to get a few crosses up. Buy some sacks of concrete at Diamond K, dig a few post holes, build a few crosses with wood I have left over from Heaton Constructions new Deck and Railing project on Ascot Dr in Moraga.
I guess KPFA thinks that Steve Lopez and his dads LLC is worthless. Maybe a few of our friends should ask Steve to verify to KPFA that the stock does indeed have any value what so ever!
I have been trying for at least twelve months to turn my promissory note into green cash, and Steve refuses to let me! Even though I have a promissory note for $50,000.00 on property that Light Horse just sold for $17,000,000.00. And that was after buying the same Willows California property for $6,000,000.00, plus development cost, a few years earlier. And as you and I know, it doesn’t cost more than $75.00 to print up a set of plans and take them down to the permit department for a stamp!
Light Horse, in exchange for a promissory note on the said Willows Project; signed a contract that states that Heaton Construction of Lafayette and Art Modular ( Mr. John Hutchens of Orinda, and Miss Ursula Clare Heaton of Oakland ) would execute a joint venture, IN the development of the property. And in consideration, or in exchange, Heaton Construction and Art Modular Inc. would develop $20,000,000.00 worth of construction contracts now in progress.
I just asked KPFA this morning if they would accept my pledge of $3000.00, and they would not. I asked them if they would accept a pledge of $500, and they would not. Funny, I thought BofA credit cards are legal tender in the United States of America, but apparently not!
If an average person calls into KPFA to pledge $500, than KPFA would accept the pledge! But the average person in this country is broke because of the War In Iraq!
There are several possibilities. If one above average person started calling KPFA and asked to make a matching pledge of $500, than KPFA will know they must be a person who knows me, and they will ignore them.
If a lot of above average people start calling up and asking to put in matching pledges, than they would have to start accepting those pledges! And if they ask what you want to do with your pledge money? Say I want to dedicate my pledge to the KPFA Radio Program, Guns and Butter. Especially Guns and Butters latest collaboration, The NORAD Audio Tapes: Real or Faked?" An interview with Dr. David Ray Griffin.